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7thMarch 2010

Why 806

Posted at 2:30pm by Jason in Business

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So, why did I choose the name 806 Software? Well, I decided that just using my name wasn’t something I wanted to do. Anyway, all the good domains appear to have been snapped up by all the other Jason McCleans in the world (and Gmail addresses too).

So, the advice is to choose something that relates to what you do and also something unique and memorable. Software is kind of understandable. I create software, whether that is based on the Web or the desktop – I’m not limiting myself here.  As for the 806?  That is something personal to me – my wedding anniversary (aahhh). 8th June if anyone is interested.  Also helps with remembering!

Surprisingly, it took quite a long time to hit the name. I came up with all sorts of stupid names, and luckily I realised it. Mind you, some people might think this name is daft but I quite like it and it’s no worse that some of the names that are out there.

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