29thSeptember 2014

Using namespaces with Silverstripe

I've been trying to use namespaces more in some of my work recently. Not because it was necessarily required, but so I can get into the swing of using namespaces for when it may be required. A few recent projects have involved using Laravel, and that makes use of namespaces, so I went with it. Moving back to SilverStripe. With version 3.0, SilverStripe moved to requiring at least PHP 5.3 - yeah, that was a while ago and at the time of writing, the current stable version is 3.1.6. Anyway, ... read more

NamespacesNamespaces and SilverStripe let's give it a go

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16thSeptember 2014

JSON and Swift

At last I have finally gotten around to investigating Swift, the new language from Apple for creating apps for both IOS and OSX. In common with many people, I've decided to dive straight in and access a web based API that expects, and returns, JSON encoded data. So far, so good. As it happens, I have a few projects all set up locally that expose RESTful APIs, so I immediately have something to test against. It's all going great. Plug in some boilerplate code, and hey presto, my API is ... read more

JSON dataJSON encoded data - the staple of webservices

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Command line debugging

I've been working for a while on a command line PHP script that doesn't use the webserver. The main problem I experienced was the inability of Eclipse/PDT to successfully launch a command line debugging session. This was because the PHP config that ... read more

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Silverstripe and jQuery

This is just a quick post regarding non functioning jQuery plugins and Silverstripe. If, as a convenience to your admin users, you include the Silverstripe Navigator in your templates then just be aware that this could prevent any 3rd party ... read more

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Code styles

It may seem a little dull and mundane, but working with a consistent coding style will always benefit whatever project that you are working on. The style, or convention, that I'll be outlining here is what I have come to use over a long period of ... read more

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