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14thMarch 2010

Netbeans & SVN

Posted at 10:15am by Jason in Web development

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I’ve been using Netbeans for a few days now and I have to admit, my initial worries about changing IDE are slowly being addressed.

The main area where I have been experiencing some issues is the SVN support.  It doesn’t seem quite as intuative as some other tools (mainly Subclipse and Tortoise).  For example, to access a repository browser, you need to start some sort of action like a commit or copy. Being able to go straight into a browser would be handy.  This is achieved in Eclipse via the SVN perspective (window/tools layout).

The main problem that has caught me out has been branching/tagging from within Netbeans. As mentioned in the previous Netbeans article, due to being used to the “branch/tag” command in Subclipse, “Copy” had started not to mean the same thing.  Having the sudden realisation that Netbeans was just calling the operation what it actually was (as does TortoiseSVN), the next problem was remote branching/tagging within the repository itself rather than the working copy.

The issue was that the branch name (1), was being included in the new remote location name (2).  The first time I tagged, I didn’t realise until I came to switch the site to the new tag.  Oops.  Thank goodness using tags meant that rolling back was quick and easy.

The option to skip the selected folder and copy only the contents (3) drops the current folder name from the destination.

The journey goes on…

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